The Leader in Optimizing Equipment for the Wood Remanufacturing Industry

Ultimizers focuses on scanning technology for Rip and Crosscut Optimization for wood processing plants of all kinds. Our camera based scanners use vision surface scanning principles with our exclusive “Ulti-Vision” software, which is the result of twenty years experience with scanning of wood products for optimizing saws.

Ultimizers has been building and continually improving Scanners, High-Speed Optimizing Saws and Handling, Sizing and Sorting Equipment since the mid-1980s, and serves companies world-wide.

Besides our advanced technology and high-quality machine manufacturing, Ultimizers is known for our services, from conception to final installation and even customized solutions for your specific needs. Our post-sales and service advisories are second to none.

We are craftsmen, building partnerships with the finest wood component producers in the world.


Our Products

Defect Scanners

Laser and Color Imaging is used to find Knots, Wane, Holes, Cracks, Rough Edge, Stain, and Pitch Pockets in most wood species.

Optimizing Saws

Our High Speed Cut-Off Saws with conveyor belts can handle a variety of board sizes. These saws are capable of cutting extremely accurate parts, and the conveyer can feed and transport finished mouldings and delicate parts without marring.

Handling Equipment

We have a wide variety of handling solutions such as unstackers, transfer systems, and sorters that work with our scanners and saws to further automate your operation.


Our Services

Our highly skilled team at Ultimizers is proud to offer wood component producers our services as roughmill optimization specialists from initial design to production and support. We have developed unique solutions to customer needs including layout design, special production requirements and advisories to ensure efficiency and maximum yield. We invite you to review our unique abilities and see why we feel that there is no company in our industry that can offer more.