Ulti-Vision Scanners

UV-64 Four-Sided Scanning System

The Ultimizers UV-64 scanning system is a four-sided scanner using multiple laser techniques as well as color on the top and bottom surface, along with multiple laser techniques on the sides.

A single computer with 64-bit computing processes and optimizes the board based on the end users best solution to maximize profits.


The guarding completely surrounds the scanner and lasers to keep operators safe as well as unwanted light out.  Large easy open doors allow easy access to the devices for cleaning or maintenance without the need to pull the scanner out.  Safety devices shut off lasers for normal operator access.

Download a printable copy of the Ulti-Vision 64 Scanner brochure.

Laser and Color Imaging is used to find Knots, Wane, Holes, Cracks, Rough Edge, Stain, and pitch pockets in most wood species.


The scanner frame and guarding is completely mechanically isolated from any moving part.  Every camera, laser and light is solidly mounted to resist vibration that may interfere with imaging.  Every devise has a quick disconnect to replace items as needed without the need to rewire the system.