Handling Equipment


Ultimizers “Smart-Belt” inline feeder/transfer is purpose built to maintain minimal gaps between boards going through scanners or measuring stations to the saw.  This approach almost completely eliminates the possibility of out of sequence solutions and broken boards due to side transferring.

The saw control touch screen monitors and controls the photocells and speeds to keep an efficient pace between the needs of the scanners and the needs of the saw.  Speeds and spacing is user configured.

An adjustable heavy duty hold down beam pulls the board from the feeder and locks it onto the “Smart-Belt” conveyor.  The Conveyor is a single belt through a serpentine gap to allow room for scanner to see from the bottom up.

Using photo cells at a very close intervals, the gap between the board in the saw and the next board from the scanner is monitored and minimized automatically.


The purpose of this design is to allow for fully automatic scanning, or crayon mark reading measuring stations to be in line with a saw which has been proven to maintain higher production rates.

The "Smart Belt" has a built-in gap for the scanner to look from the top, bottom and sides.