Ulti-Vision Scanners

Ulti-Vision Lateral Scanners


Cameras scan the board for width, taper and crook. Ultimizers' proven Ulti-Vision™ software uses this information to produce a color image showing defects and then calculates real-time solutions. This results in high yields at the ripsaws. Optional software can be used to find wane and major defects for even greater yields.

Linear Wide Board Scanners for Rip Solutions


The Ulti-Vision Wide Board Scanner for ripsaws from Ultimizers Inc. uses smart camera technologies to find defects such as wane and knots. For plank sizes up to 2”x24” (2”x18” standard) and with feed speeds up to 600 fpm.



The Ulti-Sizer Scanning System quickly measures random width strips and provides panel build-up solutions for high speed panel glue-up operations or for operations needing solutions for wide panels.

UV-64 Four-Sided Scanning System


The Ultimizers UV-64 scanning system is a four-sided scanner using multiple laser techniques as well as color on the top and bottom surface, along with multiple laser techniques on the sides.