High Speed Cut-Off Saws

800B/1400B High Speed Cut-Off Saws

Time-Tested Design

The 800B/1400B High Speed Cut-Off saws are a low maintenance, bottom conveyor belt thru-feed saw that can handle short parts, long parts and boards with some wane or crook. The conveyor can feed and transport finished mouldings and delicate parts without marring.


Arbor Crank

An additional servo motor runs the arbor crank actuation up and down. The centrifugal design remains smooth even at extreme speeds.

Servo control allows the user to define cut-speeds for different species, thicknesses or finish requirements.


With an encoder riding on the top surface of the board for all but the last cuts, these saws are capable of extremely accurate parts.

Cut Envelope Comparison

The diagrams below show the difference in cut envelope between the two saws.


The Model 800B is a rugged, low maintenance, time tested mechanical design that has undergone a completely modern electrical overhaul.  This is a great balance of production vs. reliability for many users.

The model 1400B is our wide capacity saw, built off the 800B design.  The large cut capacities and heavy duty drive systems make this a great choice for Cut First, Rip Second customers.

Download a printable copy of the High Speed Cut-Off Saws brochure.